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7 min read

Building community: Website design for a genuine community college experience

The modern website is now the front door of any business. It’s the way consumers learn about and make decisions about products and services—and in the field of higher education, it can often influence enrollment decisions. Websites need to look professional, be easy to navigate, and most importantly, educate students on the many benefits of…  Read more

5 min read

The Martin Group’s Insider Recipes

As the holidays approach, whispers of all the best family recipes have been sweeping the office, with staff competing for who has the best family recipes, what were most excited for, and of course – a bit of time off. While the The Martin Group’s office might quiet down in the coming weeks, our holiday…  Read more

6 min read

Learnings to Inspire the Next Generation of Women’s Leadership

Inspiration comes in many forms. To honor Women’s History Month and the groundbreaking women who have come before, we asked members of female leadership at The Martin Group about women who have made a difference in their lives and what advice they can pass down to the next generation. This year’s International Women’s Day theme…  Read more

7 min read

Revisiting Those on the Front Lines

This past spring, The Martin Group heralded the efforts of some of our clients working on Western New York’s front lines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Selfless, overworked, and overwhelmed, they helped the region weather the virus’s initial outbreak, then stabilize critical matters throughout the summer months. Nine months after its initial impact, the fight…  Read more

7 min read

Navigating A Global Pandemic

In a year of tragedy and change, this fall has been marked by even more uncertainty trying to figure out the impact that back-to-school, colder weather, and shorter days will bring as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. The Martin Group has been operating 100% remote since March when the pandemic began. After receiving…  Read more

8 min read

Martin Summer Playlist

Music can be many things for legions of people. It’s the rhythm and blues through days, nights and weekends. It’s a time portal, evoking long-forgotten memories with a single spin. And, as noted in a May 2020 story published by University of Michigan Medicine, it can be a powerful healer. Music therapy—the clinical and evidence-based…  Read more

10 min read

Tips While Working From Home

The most recent Gallup survey on telecommuting (released in 2017) revealed that 43% of Americans occasionally work from home (WFH). This seems reasonable, as enabling technology, family responsibilities, and the constraints of commuting have made telecommuting a favorable option—from time to time. But with the current COVID-19 health crisis affecting workers everywhere, time-to-time has transitioned…  Read more

9 min read

Everybody gets to play in this game

A college student asked me recently why I chose advertising as a career. “Because it’s not math” was my response. There’s one correct answer in math, an infinite number in advertising. That’s why I love it and I suspect the reason that people are so fascinated by the biggest day of the year in advertising—your…  Read more

3 min read

Emotive marketing and the psychology of holiday shopping

The holiday season is here again, and brands of all types are clamoring to capitalize on the festive feeling. As much as some people like to bemoan the “pumpkin-spicing” of what seems like every food product, it makes sense for businesses. Flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, and peppermint can be enjoyed year-round, but there’s a reason…  Read more