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10 min read

The rise of influencers

Over the past two decades—and even the past two years—tactics used across advertising and marketing campaigns have evolved.  But throughout myriad changes, one thing continues to remain a constant: people still sell products.   Consumers still yearn to be reached in a relatable way, and over the years, the right face, voice or personality has made…  Read more

8 min read

Thirsty in 2024? You will be.

Let’s talk beverage trends—coming off the Super Bowl (both the parties and commercials) and recovering from Dry January, now is the perfect time to reflect on what’s new and trending in the world of refreshments. In 2023, the U.S. beverage industry was valued at $146B, with expectations for constant and continued growth estimated at about…  Read more

4 min read

Yes, Newspapers Still Matter. Here's Why.

The earliest memories of my childhood home involve newspapers. It was the late 1970s and our house received three daily newspapers – The Buffalo Evening News, The Buffalo Courier-Express, and the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal – which my parents faithfully read and occasionally debated. Newsprint was one of the fabrics of our lives. So, it’s…  Read more

9 min read

Bridging the Funding Gap in Healthcare

We are now three years out from the start of the pandemic, but the healthcare industry is still actively struggling with the financial consequences. As seen by nearly all industries over the last few years, staffing has been a huge challenge, inflation has been consistently increasing prices for goods of all kinds, and supply chains…  Read more

6 min read

The Future of AI for Media & PR Pros

This past winter, one of the most popular artificial intelligence (AI) tools, ChatGPT, made headlines for its ability to compose blogs, releases, social posts, and lengthy stories.  Has this and other AI tools rendered in-depth journalism and expert storytelling moot? Of course not, but it’s certainly big news for media professionals and consumers alike, which…  Read more

8 min read

The Martin Group's Favorite Ads from Super Bowl LVII

Brands, styles, and faces may change year to year, but the Super Bowl annually showcases the smartest creative, hottest celebrities, and trendiest companies as part of one of the world’s most-watched events. Thirty-second Super Bowl LVII ads cost a reported $7 million, putting estimated ad revenue from this year’s game likely north of $700 million.  …  Read more

9 min read

What to Watch for in Sports Marketing 2023

While the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns with the economy continue to cast uncertainty in the marketplace, sports is the one industry that seems to have bounced back most quickly from the last two years.   Last year marked a successful return to stadiums and arenas across the country, as well as increased…  Read more

10 min read

2022 Industry Recap

Just one of the beauties of our industry is that year to year, nothing remains exactly the same. Trends guide us, inspire us, and motivate us to make a difference (and manifest results) for our clients across industries. To see 2022 off in classic style, we asked representatives from across The Martin Group’s disciplines to…  Read more

8 min read

Recruiting for the World of Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is essential, innovative, and exciting, but not everyone realizes the depth and diversity of job opportunities in this cutting-edge, growing industry. In WNY, we are surrounded by leaders in the field such as Rich Products, Wegmans, Tops Markets, Perry’s Ice Cream, Coca-Cola, and more. Many people are aware of these…  Read more