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5 min read

5 Website KPIs to Measure in Google Analytics for 2019

Coming into 2019, the digital space is impressively seasoned. Perhaps one could even say on the brink of over-saturation. The best brands are no longer measuring success based on follower count or impressions or total users, but rather overall engagement. Your website is a really good source of truth to evaluate your engagement and long-term…  Read more

5 min read

The Impact of Privacy on Digital Marketing

The internet is taking security and privacy much more seriously. After years of high profile breaches and leaks the public’s perception has changed regarding their personal data. More scrutiny is being given to the websites we use, their terms of service, and what information we’re willing to provide on a daily basis. Due to the…  Read more

6 min read

A lead generation campaign is useful for, well, just that – generating leads.

A lead generation campaign is useful for, well, just that – generating leads. It’s a great data-driven strategy for companies that want to have a clear measurement of their ROI, across marketing, advertising and media spends. So, how is a lead actually generated? There are a lot of pieces that can go into a lead…  Read more

5 min read

Benefits of a faster website

What do you think are the most important ingredients for a successful website? Based on our previous interviews with project stakeholders, most people focus on the design, the messaging, the content and the functionality. I wouldn’t disagree with any of these answers, but one important factor missing from that list: your website’s speed. Modern website…  Read more