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5 min read

Alcohol To-Go: A Transformative Public Affairs Victory That Will Lift Up an Entire Industry

As the New York state budget season has finally come to a close, we’re looking back on our work with the New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA) on one of the budget’s most high-profile issues, passing alcohol to-go, and shedding some light on the strategies and tactics of the groundbreaking and successful campaign. Alcohol to-go…  Read more

5 min read

Oishei’s Healing Arts Program promotes power of connection

Over the past two-year period—which has been defined by separation and isolation—The Martin Group has developed a renewed appreciation for our need to pursue multifaceted connections with our clients and their work. It’s the foundation of both who we are as an agency, and as creative professionals. Forming palpable connections propels our passions and fills…  Read more

8 min read

PR Lessons from Spartan CEO’s ‘No Retreat: Business Bootcamp’

Spend five minutes on Zoom with Joe De Sena, founder and CEO of Spartan, the world’s leading endurance sports and extreme wellness brand, and you’ll come away with a dozen ways to improve yourself. He’s that type of magnetic leader. (And he walks the walk; Joe just returned from a humanitarian trip to Ukraine’s border, where…  Read more

5 min read

Perry's Ice Cream: Influencer Strategy

What Is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is a central function of online/digital marketing. This form of social media marketing uses the reach of individuals to help promote products and reach new markets.  Many people are still unaware of influencer marketing and how it plays into larger campaigns. It can be useful for brands looking to…  Read more

7 min read

The Martin Group x Josh Allen for Oishei Children's Hospital

Ahh.. fall. Most think of spiced desserts, pumpkin coffee, and crunching colorful leaves. That is, if you’re not a sports fan. But if you are? Fall equals football. And for marketers, fall means taking advantage of the built-in campaigns that the NFL offers, making it easy to position clients within the football space and quickly…  Read more

7 min read

Revisiting Those on the Front Lines

This past spring, The Martin Group heralded the efforts of some of our clients working on Western New York’s front lines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Selfless, overworked, and overwhelmed, they helped the region weather the virus’s initial outbreak, then stabilize critical matters throughout the summer months. Nine months after its initial impact, the fight…  Read more

4 min read

Personal stories inspire the next Play Everywhere

Outdoor play is beneficial to the health and development of children. This is a reasonable, fact-based statement, and is backed up by everyone from nationally recognized free play advocates to internationally renowned research universities. It’s a simple realization, rooted in visions of kids on playgrounds or asphalt courts, and now expanded across the ambitious expanses…  Read more

3 min read

ASICS Launches New Strong Campaign on International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, ASICS today launched The New Strong campaign to celebrate our female leaders who are demonstrating what it means to be feminine. The following manifesto was written by our Jillian Gallagher for the campaign, and does a great job capturing what The New Strong means. She’s fierce. Powerful. Confident. So…  Read more

6 min read

Branding & Identity: Communicating the Value of Place

Answering the big questions Often, we’re tasked with marketing not just the what, but the where. A medical center, for example, is more than just the vital services they provide. It’s the team of dedicated doctors, nurses, surgeons, and others who are entrusted to deliver the necessary care to each patient. And it’s the efficient,…  Read more