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7 min read

The Martin Group x Josh Allen for Oishei Children's Hospital

Ahh.. fall. Most think of spiced desserts, pumpkin coffee, and crunching colorful leaves. That is, if you’re not a sports fan. But if you are? Fall equals football. And for marketers, fall means taking advantage of the built-in campaigns that the NFL offers, making it easy to position clients within the football space and quickly…  Read more

7 min read

Revisiting Those on the Front Lines

This past spring, The Martin Group heralded the efforts of some of our clients working on Western New York’s front lines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Selfless, overworked, and overwhelmed, they helped the region weather the virus’s initial outbreak, then stabilize critical matters throughout the summer months. Nine months after its initial impact, the fight…  Read more

4 min read

Personal stories inspire the next Play Everywhere

Outdoor play is beneficial to the health and development of children. This is a reasonable, fact-based statement, and is backed up by everyone from nationally recognized free play advocates to internationally renowned research universities. It’s a simple realization, rooted in visions of kids on playgrounds or asphalt courts, and now expanded across the ambitious expanses…  Read more

3 min read

ASICS Launches New Strong Campaign on International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, ASICS today launched The New Strong campaign to celebrate our female leaders who are demonstrating what it means to be feminine. The following manifesto was written by our Jillian Gallagher for the campaign, and does a great job capturing what The New Strong means. She’s fierce. Powerful. Confident. So…  Read more

6 min read

Branding & Identity: Communicating the Value of Place

Answering the big questions Often, we’re tasked with marketing not just the what, but the where. A medical center, for example, is more than just the vital services they provide. It’s the team of dedicated doctors, nurses, surgeons, and others who are entrusted to deliver the necessary care to each patient. And it’s the efficient,…  Read more

3 min read

Logo and helmet designs unveiled for new Capital Region AFL team

Back in January, Albany AFL announced the “Albany Empire” as the new name for the new Arena Football League (AFL) team. Albany Empire represents the home team for the Capital of New York and the Empire State, along with the power needed to be successful in the tough, fast-paced sport of Arena Football. The team’s…  Read more

2 min read

TMG Wins 24 American Advertising Awards

The Martin Group earned 24 awards at the American Advertising Awards this past Friday, February 23rd, truly making it the #GreatastADDYsEver! The advertising industry’s largest competition hosted by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) took place at Kleinhans Music Hall. This competition receives over 40,000 submissions every year nationwide. The goal of the ADDYs is to…  Read more

3 min read

Giving Thanks for Children’s Hospital

As we gather together this week to share a meal with family and friends, the team at TMG pauses to give thanks for a monumental gift that has been given to our entire community; the new Oishei Children’s Hospital. The new Oishei Children’s Hospital is the first freestanding children’s hospital in New York State, and…  Read more

1 min read

Happy National Philanthropy Day - Global Outreach Mission

Today, November 15, is National Philanthropy Day, and in the nature of giving, we’re proud to highlight our impressive roster of non-profit clients. We’ll be recognizing some of our philanthropy partners throughout the holiday season, and to start things off, meet Global Outreach Mission Inc.: Global Outreach Mission Inc. / Change the World with a Giving…  Read more