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13 min read

Pieces of advice for your unconventional career path

Remember when selecting your college major was meant to cement your professional direction for the next 50 years? It still makes sense to so many students and post-grads every year—but why? We as humans are apt to change in every area of our lives, so it makes sense that our chosen career paths may skew…  Read more

9 min read

The Martin Group's greatest holiday gifts

Years before navigating the complexities of integrated communications here at The Martin Group, we were all just kids, spending our Decembers waiting for the gifts the holiday season would bring. Enticed by catalogs, colorful ad campaigns or grassroots fervor that boosted the allure of everything from weird-looking dolls to tradable discs, we devised lists full…  Read more

8 min read

Martin + Spiral: Meet the newest members of our Creative team

On October 18, 2023, The Martin Group announced the exciting acquisition of Spiral Design Studio, a prominent Albany-based design firm. The deal greatly expands our growing presence in the Capital Region, and also brings aboard a talented group of creative associates and an impressive roster of clients. Last week, we sat down with two of…  Read more

8 min read

Fall tastes are here—and we have favorites

Every season brings its own collection of signature tastes, but none may be more evocative than the flavors of fall. Hand-picked apples, cider donuts, and nutmeg-accented beers. Pastries, pies, and coffee drinks infused with pumpkin. Cinnamon, caramel, and maybe a nip of bourbon sneaking its way into a variety of creations. The delicious aromas can…  Read more

24 min read

So, You Want to Work in Advertising?

Members of The Martin Group team share the distinctive journeys which led them to their respective disciplines and/or this agency.   Jim Lynch – Vice President | Media  I came to The Martin Group as [Chief Operating Officer] Lisa Bellacicco and I used to work together at another agency. We both departed there in late 2005: she…  Read more

9 min read

The #Scandoval of it all: A Masterclass in Public Relations, Crisis Communications and Media Training

Reality television is a hotbed for public scandal, but there’s one recent case of reality TV betrayal that seemed to shake this world to its core. Seemingly overnight, the Bravo universe of pop culture fanatics exploded, and news of the betrayal quickly infiltrated mainstream media. In real time, we watched how critical a strong communications…  Read more

6 min read

Welcome to DIMO

In 2022, The Martin Group launched DIMO (pronounced DEEMO), an internal initiative that empowers our associates to embrace the meaning of the acronym “The Difference is Making One.” We believe small changes can make big differences. While this has always been part of The Martin Group’s culture, our executive staff and integrated teams worked to create…  Read more

5 min read

Engaging Community Through Sports

With tip-off of the 2023 NCAA Women’s Final Four only days away, the NCAA, Dallas (Texas) Local Organizing Committee, Big 12 Conference, and ESPN are gearing up for a signature moment in women’s sports history—the 50th anniversary of Title IX, celebrated alongside the NCAA championship competition it helped foster. This is only the second time…  Read more

6 min read

International Women's Day 2023

The theme of 2023 International Women’s Day is “Embrace Equity”, which focuses on what it means to create access and opportunity for all. Equity is often paired with “equality”, but there is a crucial difference that this year’s IWD is trying to spotlight. The two most common tenets of equality are fairness and sameness, which…  Read more