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6 min read

A lead generation campaign is useful for, well, just that – generating leads.

A lead generation campaign is useful for, well, just that – generating leads. It’s a great data-driven strategy for companies that want to have a clear measurement of their ROI, across marketing, advertising and media spends. So, how is a lead actually generated? There are a lot of pieces that can go into a lead…  Read more

5 min read

2018 Trends Nonprofits Need to Know

Nonprofit professionals are experiencing some of the same trends as their colleagues in the business sector, but the way in which nonprofits interpret and react to these trends differs. The Price of Technology Technology is big, constant and changing. Nonprofits must stay abreast of what’s new and understand how technology can be applied to their…  Read more

4 min read

Employee Spotlight: Kira Csakany, Creative Supervisor

At The Martin Group, great ideas and results really are a group effort. They come from remarkably talented individuals that we form into equally remarkable teams. Meet Kira Csakany, a creative supervisor on our Creative Team.   Where were you working before The Martin Group and in what role? Before coming on board at The…  Read more

3 min read

Tips for Appearing on Camera

  By Dick Shaner, Jr., Senior Vice President, and Emily Pumm, Multi-media Specialist Whether you’re getting ready for an on-camera media interview or preparing to appear in a video to represent your organization, you’ll want to take all necessary steps to help make a positive impression. Over the years I’ve had two negative experiences that…  Read more

6 min read

Nine Tips for Nailing a Media Interview

Does receiving an interview request send you into an instant panic and a cold sweat? Are you one of the 75% of people who suffer from glossophobia, a fear of public speaking? Would you rather do pretty much anything other than sitting in front of a camera and talking to a reporter? Brands, we have…  Read more

4 min read

Employing an office culture that works

You might think that including a ping-pong table and dartboard as part of your office floor plan (or budget) might be a waste of space and dollars, but at The Martin Group, they contribute to our firm’s atmosphere and employees’ creativity. Most of what you’ll read below is a reflection of the ways in which…  Read more

5 min read

Benefits of a faster website

What do you think are the most important ingredients for a successful website? Based on our previous interviews with project stakeholders, most people focus on the design, the messaging, the content and the functionality. I wouldn’t disagree with any of these answers, but one important factor missing from that list: your website’s speed. Modern website…  Read more

8 min read

Our Favorite Ads

What a game. Great job Eagles! Now for the ads. Our team broke down their most (and least) favorites that aired during last night’s game. What were your most and least favorite ads?   The commercial that stuck with me the most was Budweiser’s “Stand by Me”.  With all the natural disasters this past year,…  Read more

17 min read

So you want to make a video. Now what?

So you want to make a video. Now what?  Read more

6 min read

You’ve probably heard the news that influencer marketing is on the rise.

You’ve probably heard the news that influencer marketing is on the rise.  Read more