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3 min read

Meet the Team: Christine Goodwin

What was your path to what you’re doing now Christine: My family is full of creative minds, which influenced my love for all types of creative mediums. I always knew I’d be in this industry but was unsure which avenue to pursue. After a nudge from my parents towards a degree in graphic design, I…  Read more

7 min read

Blurring the Lines Between Ads and Entertainment

Historically, marketing occurred in two spots during television and movies: clear commercial breaks or product placement. Both expensive options only the nation’s biggest brands were privy to. But, as with anything within this industry, the onset of social media has brought accessibility to the masses. With the dollars to reach large audiences in the hundreds…  Read more

4 min read

COVID-19 + Influencer Marketing

As the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown continue to disrupt business and creators’ summer plans, many consumer-facing influencers (fashion, fitness, food & beverage, etc.) have been able to easily adjust to creating appropriate content for the pandemic. Forbes shows influencers are more influential than ever with: Increased traffic to their social channels and website blogs…  Read more

6 min read

Back to School Like Never Before

As college students finish gearing up for the new school year, the usual late-August concerns – Did I buy the right books? Do I know how to get to all my classes? – seem quaint in comparison to the unprecedented uncertainty that COVID will bring to the fall semester.  For the communications departments of our…  Read more

4 min read

Meet the Team: Lee Rowland

What was your path to what you’re doing now? Lee Rowland: After graduating from RIT in 2003, I worked at a few local agencies as a junior art director, then art director. I took a hiatus from agency life in 2008 after having my second daughter to focus on raising my kids and worked as…  Read more

4 min read

Personal stories inspire the next Play Everywhere

Outdoor play is beneficial to the health and development of children. This is a reasonable, fact-based statement, and is backed up by everyone from nationally recognized free play advocates to internationally renowned research universities. It’s a simple realization, rooted in visions of kids on playgrounds or asphalt courts, and now expanded across the ambitious expanses…  Read more

8 min read

Martin Summer Playlist

Music can be many things for legions of people. It’s the rhythm and blues through days, nights and weekends. It’s a time portal, evoking long-forgotten memories with a single spin. And, as noted in a May 2020 story published by University of Michigan Medicine, it can be a powerful healer. Music therapy—the clinical and evidence-based…  Read more

12 min read

View on Women Poll: A Discussion

We’ve got a long way to go. Our partners at Albany Times Union Women@Work have created a national survey examining gender attitudes that shows how far the nation still has to progress in the fight against implicit gender bias. The 2020 Women@Work View on Women poll, conducted by the Times Union in partnership with the…  Read more

5 min read

The Call for Brands to Step Up

In a matter of months, the tone of our country has shifted from the debilitating horror of COVID-19 into an enraged passion for social justice reform. As Americans grapple with the virus and adjust to our new way of life, a much older plague continues to upset our nation—systemic racism. While millions across the country…  Read more

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