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3 min read

The Aurora Games

How does a sports festival become a movement? Importance? Interest? Meaning outside the grit of competition, and style emblematic of an attitude both changing the game and the conversation? All suggestions are correct, and all were utilized to construct The Martin Group-conceived social media copy and creative for the inaugural Aurora Games Festival, the all-women’s…  Read more

9 min read

2019 Sports Marketing Trends

From the rise of eSports to the content battle currently being waged across TV, social, and OTT channels to the increased focus on personal branding for athletes, the sports marketing industry is always at the forefront of innovation, media attention, and often debate. This year has been no different. Athletes, teams, and brands continue to…  Read more

8 min read

Meet The Team: Amanda Clark and Eric Wright

At The Martin Group, great ideas and results really are a group effort. They come from remarkably talented individuals that we form into equally remarkable teams. Meet Amanda Clark, Senior Brand Manager, and Eric Wright, Account Director, as these team members dive into their backgrounds, professional lives, and sports marketing takeaways, amongst other highlights. What…  Read more

6 min read

The Pluses and Minuses of Higher Education

When my son was choosing the college he wanted to attend, like so many other students, he sat down and wrote the pluses and minuses for each of the schools on his short list. That memory jumped to mind as I began considering two projects that The Martin Group was fortunate enough to work on…  Read more

3 min read

Ice Cream For All - Launching Perry’s Oats Cream™

Perry’s Oats Cream™ Tasting Lunch The meeting invite stuck out like a drip of Bad Breakup™ on a nightshirt. Oats Cream™?What’s Oats Cream™?How does it taste?What’s the texture like?How are the oats milked? Everything we thought we knew about frozen treats was about to change forever. We entered the boardroom. Seven flavors and more than…  Read more

12 min read

Employee Spotlight: Liz Lewin & Megan Sweeney

1. What’s the biggest difference and biggest similarity between your current job at The Martin Group and previous job at your past employer? Liz: The biggest difference is – I’m not working in a newsroom. And yet, the beauty of my job here at The Martin Group, as part of the Martin Davison PR Team,…  Read more

5 min read

5 Reasons to Invest in Marketing Automation

For we digital and content marketers, nothing seems to stay the same for too long. And one of the biggest pain points is always the same: time. Time to learn new skills. Time to stay up to date with the trends. Time to get all the work done. Trying to stay up to speed makes…  Read more

11 min read

Leafing through the Cannabis Marketing Landscape

Cannabis seems to be all the rage these days. Rarely a day goes by without a new state breaking down legislative barriers, or a new study coming out reinforcing the plant’s myriad health benefits. But for cannabis brands looking to navigate this landscape, the ever-expanding frontier of legalization brings nearly as many challenges as it…  Read more

5 min read

Six takeaways from #CreativeOpsNY

Earlier this month, Amy Strzelec, Project Director at The Martin Group, attended the Creative Operations New York conference held in Midtown Manhattan. The conference, as evidenced by its name, centered around the field of creative operations and featured speakers from brands like Google, Nickelodeon, and The Hershey Company. But before we dive into what Amy…  Read more

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