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She’s Got Next: Representation

November 8, 2023

We’re celebrating the first year of “She’s Got Next” with the greatest hits from our conversations with movers and shakers in the world of women’s sports.

One common thread among our guests in 2023—the importance of representation for girls and women in sports. Here are some of our key takeaways:

We need more media representation.

“How can women’s sports grow without exposure? The more fans are introduced to faces, names, teams, rivalries, etc. the more they will continue to connect and invest time and money into women’s sports. Metrics are favorable.” Jesse Ladoue McMullen, Marketing Director, Licensed Sports New Era Cap

“It is outrageous that 50 years after Title IX, women’s sports only receive a small fraction of total airtime and sponsorship dollars. We must push the needle forward and that is why I am thrilled to see more media outlets and advertisers making the smart choice to showcase women’s sports.” Danette Leighton, CEO Women’s Sports Foundation

And within that media representation more diversity, please.

“When I started running, I never saw myself reflected in the running community. I created the account Native Women Running as a space for others to share their journey.” Verna Volker, Founder of Native Women Running

Along with news media, more comprehensive marketing strategies are needed.

“Increased visibility comes not just from media coverage but from marketing strategies. Another important piece to the growth of the league is more in-depth marketing of the women that play the game, giving fans the ability to connect with them on a different level.” Rushia Brown, former WNBA player, motivational speaker

Increased and diversified coverage and marketing of women’s sports benefits society by breaking down persistent stereotypes.

“Investing in women’s sports is critical because it’s about ensuring more people, both boys and girls, see women playing sports. … It’s important … that [girls] see people like themselves playing and succeeding. For boys, they see the inclusivity and learn to be OK with a woman leading.” Jessica Gelman, CEO Kraft Analytics Group and co-founder and co-chair of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

“We need to show everyone that, yes, we are female hockey players and we can perform just as well as the men if you give us the chance and the opportunity. If you don’t want to watch, keep scrolling.” Mikyla Grant-Mentis, professional hockey player

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