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Employee Spotlight: Scott Wolf and Andrew Scutt

9 min read
May 24, 2019

The Martin Group’s integrated marketing team means a diverse mix of talent and experience across the greater WNY and Upstate communities. Two of the agency’s resident beardsmen, senior digital designer/developer Scott Wolf and senior public relations manager Andrew Scutt, connected across offices and disciplines for the latest installation in our Employee Spotlight series.

What’s the biggest difference between working at The Martin Group and your previous gig?

Scott: I was freelance for a couple of years, so I guess the biggest change is having an actual office to go to – and a commute. Between TMG and my previous agency, the size and proximity between offices has allowed me to meet everyone more quickly and have a better understanding of the different teams and the work we do.

Andrew: I agree. Our size allows us to be a tight-knit community. I felt at home here from day 1. Also, existing in markets that are as intimate as WNY and Upstate, it’s been great to see how The Martin Group has really made a name for itself in community.

How did you get started in your profession/the industry?

Scott: I went to RIT for graphic design right before web design became a requirement. I saw the direction and opportunities in the industry for web work and I was encouraged by professors to explore HTML and coding on my own, so there was a good amount of self-learning, plus on-the-job experience as it evolved. My way into the industry started with an advertising class that I took as a senior, which required creating a campaign with both photo and design. I worked on the project with a friend and we created some pretty cool stuff. We even won a few ADDYs as students, which resulted in some job offers in town.

Andrew: I’m a WNY guy as well and received my degree in public relations from SUNY Fredonia. Right after graduation, my partner and I winged it and moved to Chicago without having lined up jobs or internships. I started working at a local pet food store part-time, helping with social media during my shifts. It turned out that a customer I had established a good rapport with worked at Edelman and a couple of months later she set me up with my first PR gig! Lesson learned: it pays to be nice to people, because you never know who you’re going to meet!

In an alternate dimension, what career path did you choose?

Scott: Before I decided to go in a creative direction in college, I was good at math and science. I have a twin brother who studied biochemistry, so I think I would have gone in the opposite direction and been a physicist or a micro-biologist.

Andrew: Listening to music and going to live shows has always been a big part of my life, and I would have loved to have been in a band. The closest I get now is live band karaoke at Rec Room by the Buffalo office.

If you never had to sleep again, what would you do with all your newfound time?

Scott: I used to run a lot, marathons and half-marathons, so I think I would use that time, especially in the warm weather to run and get back in long-distance running shape.

Andrew: I’ve been trying to learn Spanish for a while, and I have a growing reading list I’d love to put a dent in.

What’s playing on your Spotify right now or what’s always in heavy rotation?

Scott: I have a couple of go-to playlists: Sweater Weather for when I’m not busy and want to relax. If I need to jam through a bunch of stuff, I’ve got a speed metal playlist that helps me work quicker. So total opposites and different stuff depending on what I’m doing, but I can’t get into country.

Andrew: Lately, I’ve been into Joey Purp and Sarah, the !llstrumentalist. My tastes really run the gamut, but generally heavier music, hip hop and ‘90s hits. I’m also starting to notice an agency trend… no country for me either.

What’s your favorite movie of all time and why?

Scott: “The Fugitive.” Harrison Ford, and it’s set in Chicago, which might be a reason I like it. My wife went to school there and we visit pretty often. I know the whole movie, and there’s not a boring part in it.

Andrew: “Stand By Me,” without question. A coming-of-age tale, childhood friendships, and those life-changing adventures that you’ll never forget. It’s an absolute classic.

What kind of beer are you most into right now?

Scott: Pale ales and session IPAs. I’m getting over all the crazy hoppy beers – there’s too much of it. I really like sours and Belgian beers. Last year, my wife and I went to the Netherlands and Belgium and had a lot of sours and lambics. I’m also a fan of experimental tastes, stuff you wouldn’t expect in a beer.

Andrew: I’m also an experimental and sour fan. There’s a great bar down the street from the Buffalo office called Matinee, and the owners always have something new and interesting. Right now, I’m loving the Westbrook Lemon Cucumber Gose. I’m also stoked for summer flavors like Labatt Blue Grapefruit.

We all have pet peeves, but what’s something that makes you smile for a seemingly unknown reason?

Scott: I briefly owned a rabbit, and I always like seeing wild rabbits in my backyard. It just takes me back to that time in my life, and I think I’ll always have that connection.

Andrew: Fresh cut grass! Something about that amazing summer aroma puts a smile on my face every time.  

What’s your dream client or project?

Scott: More beer. I’ve worked on Genesee out of Rochester, and Dundee back at a previous agency. I remember studying Milton Glaser in college, the artist behind the I LOVE NY logo, who also created the branding for Brooklyn Brewery. I recently toured the brewery on a trip to New York, and I’d love to have a chance to meet and work with Milton.

Andrew: This is going to sound weird because my cube-mates will tell you my diet is mostly plant-based, but I love hot dogs. So… hot dogs.

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