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East Amherst Dental Center

Brands are like teeth. To keep them healthy, regular cleanings from a professional are a must.

As a high-end dentist’s office located in East Amherst, the team at East Amherst Dental Center understood this implicitly. They needed to make their logo, tagline, and business cards shine, and we were ready to sink our well-flossed teeth in. We started by taking EADC through our Brand Fuel process, conducting a strategy session with key members of their team. From our research, we learned that what East Amherst Dental Center brings to dentistry is really quite special. It’s aesthetic and restorative dentistry for people who hate the dentist’s.

Advanced dental services. A beautiful, contemporary office. And a friendly, welcoming staff of dental professionals highly-trained in the artistry of dentistry. It’s all to provide patients a personalized, high-quality dental experience they can look forward to. That was the insight that led us to create the tagline EADC would ultimately select: Your smile means more. It speaks to EADC’s focus on smiles not merely as collections of teeth, but as symbols of comfort, satisfaction, happiness, and a job well-done. With tagline in-hand, we moved into logo creation.

Our team distilled EADC’s brand into a logo mark that was altogether theirs, weaving in subtle, tasteful tie-backs to dentistry, teeth, and the unmatched quality of the services EADC provides. Armed with a new look and a new message to patients, we took EADC’s first-impressions to the next level. Like their new tagline and logo, their new business cards manifested themselves as true symbols of EADC’s team and services, representing professionalism, expertise, and a sparkling love of people. And teeth.