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The New Strong


Founded on the principle of “sound mind, sound body,” ASICS had always been about building strength from the ground up.

Now, it was time to bring that power to a new audience: the wellness warriors—young women who are making moves from the gym to the street to the wider world around them. To reach this audience, ASICS developed the New Strong collection, an apparel collection intended to transcend being a simple clothing line to become a rallying cry for women to come together and take confidence in every version of strength. The Martin Group team was asked to help launch the initial campaign bringing this collection to the world. To get there, we conducted photo and video shoots with key influencers, and created assets for web, social media, in-store, and more.

The end result? A captivating portrayal of a new version of strength relevant to today’s young female athletes—one that incorporates mental, physical and emotional power to create a new dialogue about what strength looks, feels and acts like.