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A walk on the heartwarming side.

1 min read
October 29, 2014

[vimeo id=”110287174″ align=”center” mode=”normal”autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”769″]

For their annual “Walking on Sunshine” fundraising event, Mary Cariola Children’s Center engaged TMG to concept a marketing campaign to increase awareness, attendance, and fundraising. The walk raises money to support Mary Cariola’s day and residential programs and services for developmentally disabled children ages 2-18. Because the children are what make the Center such a special place, we focused our creative on them. Pro bono portraits taken by photographer John Myers were used for posters and ads and were edited together to create a TV spot (with pro bono services from dPost). The overall campaign headline was “We are Sunshine,” inspired by the radiant joy emitted from the kids of Mary Cariola. The Walking on Sunshine event surpassed its goal (raising just over $147,000) and broke records for attendance and fundraising.

mary-cariola-1 mary-cariola-2

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