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The Martin Group’s Favorite Ads from Super Bowl LVII

February 13, 2023

Brands, styles, and faces may change year to year, but the Super Bowl annually showcases the smartest creative, hottest celebrities, and trendiest companies as part of one of the world’s most-watched events. Thirty-second Super Bowl LVII ads cost a reported $7 million, putting estimated ad revenue from this year’s game likely north of $700 million.  

With automotive and travel brands cutting back, AB In-Bev giving up its alcohol advertising exclusivity during the Super Bowl, and last year’s Crypto Bowl a distant memory, this year’s advertisers looked a little different. It was clear, though, that if there were a few overarching trends, humor, big-brand collaborations, and QR codes were the preferred engines of 2023. 

We surveyed our expert associates to see what ads resonated most during this year’s Super Bowl: 

Baby Wedding by E*TRADE  

Babies and animals always garner a lot of attention, and this ad, featuring a baby wedding, was a great evolution of the concept E*TRADE has used in past Super Bowls. It also gave a subtle nod to how fast life goes, stressing the importance of investing young. – Kelli Putney, VP | Business Development 

Try Another Angle by Doritos 

This one had it all for me: a concept that directly communicated that it was a new product, a good story narrative that kept you interested, multiple celebrities, and a nice surprise cameo at the end by Elton John. Jack Harlow’s acting was on point, the product was tastefully included throughout, and it even featured the winner of their TikTok dance challenge.  – John Jiloty, SVP | Growth Channels & Content 

#FixedOnPixel by Google  

This one had this millennial hooked from the start – Google Pixel’s Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur tech can fix it all, allowing people to literally erase their ex-boyfriends out of their pictures, for example, and stabilize those blurry shots of their wild toddlers jumping on the couch. The ad explained the product in a perfectly engaging and emotional way. I’m a loyal Apple user, and this is the first time I’ve ever thought twice about switching to something other than an iPhone. – Kate Measer, Senior Public Relations Manager  

Bradley Cooper & His Mom by T-Mobile 

Loved T-Mobile’s blooper-esque approach to the spot. Obviously, Bradley Cooper’s acting chops are well-documented, but this came off totally unscripted and real, making it instantly appealing and relatable. Even a 9-time Oscar-nominated actor can’t escape the universal smack-down that moms can dole out. Drawing the viewer into the hilarious chemistry between Bradley and his mother was effective and memorable. After all, who doesn’t like to laugh?  – Alexa Christopher, Senior Advisor, Strategy 

Forever by The Farmer’s Dog 

This one snuck up on me. I am a sucker for heartwarming or corny ads (what can I say?), so this had me immediately with Lee Fields’ “Forever” playing and scenes of a cute kid giggling with her pup. I was swept into the story and anticipated a tidy wrap-up to a fairly typical, emotional ad. What I didn’t expect was to completely lose it when she sings sweetly to her now older pup, their whole lives flashing by from the dog’s point of view. While it’s common for us to show how much our pets mean to us, the shift from human to dog’s point of view for the emotional wallop at the end took me by surprise and left an enduring impression. – Jen Hunold, General Manager, Albany | Account Supervisor 

Not-So Clueless by Rakuten 

As an older millennial, I’m slowly realizing that the 1990s culture I grew up with is making a comeback, and I couldn’t be happier about it! As Alicia Silverstone reprised her iconic role as Cher Horowitz from the 1995 movie Clueless, this walk down memory lane proved to be a great sensation. The use of nostalgia in advertising has pros and cons. On the one hand, it can arouse strong feelings and build an immediate bond with viewers. However, it can also be viewed as a crutch, a lack of imagination, and an indication that businesses are running out of original ideas. For me, this was a superb example of two brands collaborating to create a fantastic advertisement. – Brendan Kennedy, Public Relations Manager 

Interface Interruption by Tubi 

Tubi couldn’t have written a better script for its 15-second gag ad. Tight game, fourth quarter. The broadcast comes back from commercial break for the stretch run. Out of nowhere, our Roku goes on the fritz, navigating to another app on its own. Or so we thought. During those few seconds, my wife and I scrambled for our respective remotes (yes, we each have our own clicker, one on each side of the couch), and managed to blame each other for the interruption. “It’s not mine! It’s yours!” Turns out, we all got played by Tubi. To perfection. This was a spot so memorable that I’ll be thinking of Tubi whenever I accidentally change the channel, which happens a LOT. (Just don’t tell my wife that I’m admitting it.) – Chris Colton, Public Relations Director 

Why not an EV? By GM and Netflix 

The thing that struck me about this Super Bowl ad was the collaboration between two of America’s most recognizable brands — but what I loved most was the smart use of budget to maximize the impact of placing an ad during the country’s biggest sports event. Both brands will get a lift – Netflix reminding people of its depth of content, and GM amplifying one of its most essential key messages as it pushes into electric vehicles. And by engaging the always-hilarious Will Ferrell, they’ll create buzz on social media and generate impressions for days after the Vince Lombardi trophy was hoisted by Kansas City. This ad wins for leveraging a notable collaboration and maximizing marketing budgets.  – John Mackowiak, VP | Public Relations 

John Jiloty

Senior Vice President | Growth and Business Development

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