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Summer Tour 2024 – with The Martin Group

June 11, 2024

After a winter and spring jammed into rock clubs, theaters, and the occasional arena, it’s that cherished time of year when music fans of all genres plan their summers around the outdoor performances of their favorite musicians.

Our team at The Martin Group has been eagerly buying tickets to a slew of shows over the past month—and since most of us didn’t score The Eras Tour tickets for Toronto in November, we had plenty of money to spend.

The result: Seats for shows across New York, up and down the east coast, and even a trip across the Atlantic. Over the next four months, we’re headed to see solo artists and jam bands; ‘80s rock heroes and New Zealand power-pop purveyors; Dad Rock dynamos and pop-punk icons.

And Pitbull. Don’t you dare forget about Mr. 305.

It’s our own little Summer 2024 concert tour—and we’d like to take you along for the ride. Here’s where we’re headed; some background on each act; and what Martin Group team member you may see singing along to each show’s songs.

June 6 – Mr. Big at Electric City (Buffalo)

Who’s going? Jim Lynch

The architects behind one of the greatest singalong ballads of the hair metal era (“To Be With You”) are pulling into the brand-new Electric City (right next to our Queen City headquarters) with Buffalo-born bassist Billy Sheehan—and a sound to transport our VP of Media back to the plush interiors of a 1991 Ford Tempo.

June 13 – Dokken at Jennings Landing (Albany)

Who’s going? Jesse Schaller

Rockin’ with Dokken? It’s happening this month as part of Albany’s Alive at Five summer concert series, and it’s an ideal stop for our art director to enjoy the heavy Fender riffs of “Breaking the Chains” before leaning into the more tender (albeit alienating) fare of 1984’s “Alone Again.”

June 15 – Goose at CMAC (Canandaigua)

Who’s going? Taylor Augustyn

The Connecticut collective has gained a devout following over the past few years, scratching a familiar Phish itch while serving up their own brand of accessible 17-minute jam artistry. Plus, for our senior account manager, it’ll be a lot of fun to yell “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!” between songs.

June 16 – Maggie Rogers at Merriweather Post Pavilion (Columbia, Maryland)

Who’s going? Matt Davison

Since releasing her first EP (Now That the Light is Fading) in 2017, the Grammy-winning Rogers has gained acclaim and a following for her beautiful live performances. The popularity of this year’s Don’t Forget Me should add to this reputation—and to our chief business officer’s enjoyment of the show.

July 22 – The Flaming Lips at Artpark (Lewiston)

Who’s going? Molly Lennon

Once upon a time, The Flaming Lips were just the weirdos behind quirky 1993 alt-rock hit, “She Don’t Use Jelly.” 30 years later, they’re a must-see live act, and as prone to set off confetti bombs mid-song as to send frontman Wayne Coyne across our senior project manager and others in an oversized hamster ball.

July 27 – Taking Back Sunday at Buffalo Riverworks (Buffalo)

Who’s going? Rachel Surdi

The Long Island quartet was a central player in the aught’s halcyon days of modern emo. But with two new albums over the last five years—as well as a 20th anniversary remaster of 2002 genre classic, Tell All Your Friends—they’re still wailing, and letting our senior digital marketing manager wail with them.

July 29 – Green Day at Nationals Park (Washington, DC)

Who’s going? Kate Measer

The mudslinging of Woodstock ’94 was three decades ago. Who’d have thought the band behind that chaos would release Grammy-winning albums, helm a Broadway musical, and inspire a mainstream pop-punk genre those like our public relations director are still celebrating? Not those of us (🙋🏻‍♂️) who saw them in their early years.

August 15-18 – Phish at The Woodlands (Dover, Delaware)

Who’s going? Chase Martin

For some bands, one show just isn’t enough to both hit the highlights of encyclopedic catalogs and satisfy insanely loyal fanbases. Phish is one of these bands. Every engagement is its own unique experience of ever-changing arrangements—and every multi-date event is an excuse for devotees of the Burlington quartet (see: our business development coordinator) to commandeer an RV and make a long weekend out it.

August 22 – New Order, The Charlatans at Alexandra Head (Cardiff, Wales)

Who’s going? Neil Wright

It takes a special double bill to inspire cross-continental travel. For our Albany-based creative director, this twofer is enough to get him on a plane to his English birthplace, and to a host venue some 123 miles away from his hometown. (But with New Order songs like “Age of Consent,” it’ll be worth the trek.)   

August 30 – Tedeschi Trucks Band at SPAC (Saratoga)

Who’s going? Leanne Politi

The beautiful voice of Massachusetts native Susan Tedeschi has drawn in many a fan, including our own public affairs supervisor. But paired with the incendiary Gibson mastery of her bandmate and husband, Derek Trucks, that voice leads a rock n’ soul revue that brings a festival vibe to every summer gig.

September 6 – Pitbull at Darien Lake (Corfu)

Who’s going? Bria Meredith

So after reading through all these concert stops, you’re probably thinking, “Don’t these Martin Group people like to dance?” Our answer: Yes—especially when led by Mr. Worldwide. Our project coordinator will be in the mix for a night’s worth of radio bangers, all served by the slickest dude to ever yell “timber.”

September 13 – The National, The War on Drugs at Forest Hills Stadium (Forest Hills)

Who’s going? Brendan Kennedy

Next stop after the “Fireball” beats of Pitbull: a night of pristine Dad Rock with our public relations manager. Both acts on the bill could headline their own tour—and tout impressive catalogs of moody, inspiringly morose tracks. But together? A double shot of middle-aged melodies for fathers (or dudes in New Balances) still turned to 11.

September 13 – The Black Crowes at Knox Farm State Park (East Aurora)

Who’s going? Amy Pecoraro

Good news: The Brothers Robinson (Chris and Rich) are finally getting along again. This means original Black Crowes material for the first time in 15 years; and for our esteemed senior VP of creative operations, this equates to a night of enjoying classic hits like “Twice as Hard” and “Remedy” echoing across the idyllic expanse of Knox Farm.  

September 24 – My Morning Jacket, Nathaniel Rateliff at Empower FCU Amphitheater (Syracuse)

Who’s going? Joe Sawyko

Technically two days after the official end of summer, we couldn’t stop the tour before our senior production designer’s date with two touring titans off Syracuse’s Onondaga Lake. Both Rateliff and MMJ have made their reputations off live performances of songs like “I Need Never Get Old” and “Wordless Chorus,” and their combined soulful fervor on one stage is the perfect way to say so long to our season-long sonic adventure.

To hear our Summer Tour 2024 playlist, click here. If you want to learn more about the experience, hobbies, and tastes of The Martin Group, click here.

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