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Dishing Out the Details of Perry’s New Website

May 15, 2020

laptop with Perry's website

Website redesigns often have a longer duration than most marketing and advertising services. It takes research, a solid strategy, motivating content, creative exploration, and a keen developer to bring everything to life. But, like most great things that take time, the results are very rewarding in the end.

Our digital team was very excited to dive head first into evolving the Perry’s Ice Cream brand further for 2020. We were tasked with adapting the look and feel of Perry’s Ice Cream’s beautiful new packaging into a new website. In an initial strategy session, the team identified the target audience’s existing pain points when using the website and the best approach to communicate to them. We also explored different solutions for the most important tool – the Flavor Finder.

Here are some of our favorite strategic elements from the newly designed perrysicecream.com:

Brand continuity at ever touchpoint

Our creative team wanted to communicate this premium ice cream brand with a spark of playful cheekiness. We decided on a bold, dark concept – something a little unconventional for ice cream products. This was a great opportunity to leverage the playful, bright jewel tones of Perry’s new packaging.

This allowed us to marry a customer’s in-store experience with their online experience. What better way to breathe life into the website design?

Bold elements to draw interest and drive action

With bold headlines, bright hyperlinks, and big customizable introductory banners, the site began to come to life. We continued this momentum by utilizing transparent, high-quality images of their product throughout the site. This allowed us to keep the end user’s focus while also providing the ultimate taste assurance.

Versatility in both product and shopping options

These elements combined best in a product detail page: the product showcased in a carousel above a complementary jewel tone title, accompanied by some mouthwatering descriptive copy that sits on top of the options to buy and important nutritional information. We decided to make the nutrition facts an interactive accordion to keep the information easily accessible for users without comprising the site’s sleek design. (And really, who wants to be reminded of the ice cream’s fat content?)

Furthermore, the product carousel and correlating nutritional information could be navigated by clicking on specially designed icons which indicate a product being a scoop shop flavor, a pint, or a family-sized “scround.”

This adapts very well for mobile devices, where the products can also be dragged left or right to view each type and corresponding nutrition information.

Modernized Flavor Finder UX

With an impactful design presence of reusable elements and colors, it was time to tackle the biggest challenge: the interactive Flavor Finder.

Our team freshened up the existing Flavor Finder with an upgraded design and user experience. It needed to be clear and intuitive to get users closer to finding their ice cream dream as smoothly as possible, both aesthetically and structurally.

We implemented round call-to-action buttons from the new design and leveraged the high-quality product images and then tied it all together with smooth transitions between the necessary steps to finding a desired ice cream flavor.

You can check out the new Flavor Finder for yourself, but here’s a breakdown:

  • A user would narrow down their selection by choosing a category, i.e. “Ice Cream” or “Frozen Yogurt.”
  • From there, the Flavor Finder would bump the user to step 2, where they would pick the flavor they desired.
  • After selecting a flavor, the Flavor Finder would then slide over to step 3, where the user enters a ZIP code.
  • Once provided, the Flavor Finder would display all results that met the criteria the user entered. This information is presented on the page using the Google Maps API, displaying all stores or scoop shops within radius of the offered zip, ordered from closest to farthest in distance.

So treat yourself to some Perry’s Ice Cream! (We recommend Cheat Day, Panda Paws, or Apple Strudel Oats Cream™, but rreally, they’re all great!)

The Martin Group is very proud to partner with a best-in-class, growing, and adored brand like Perry’s Ice Cream. If you’re considering a redesign of your website, feel free to reach out to us.

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