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The Circus Ring & the Brass Ring.

2 min read
October 14, 2014

[vimeo id=”96720086″ align=”center” mode=”normal”autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”769″]

When Orville’s Home Appliances approached us to create a flashbang of a campaign for their annual one-day warehouse sale, it was a juggling act. But we like a challenge.

Everyone knows that good things don’t come around very often. And Orville’s Home Appliances’ annual warehouse sale is a not-to-be missed event that features a proverbial freak show of savings. But this time around, we needed to announce two sales! One for the Buffalo market and the first ever warehouse sale at the new Webster/Rochester location.

The circus came to mind and fit the bill in every way. It was well suited to the “healthy” Orville’s Home Appliances brand – it’s about fun, family, and feats that will leave you smiling ear to ear, and, of course, it’s limited. We needed a ringmaster to announce and get the word out, the candy cane striped big top to perk child-like interest as to what wonders that are hidden beneath, and the appliance-performers that we rely on day in and day out for acts that keep the show going – letting us spend more time with loved ones and less time loathing dirty clothes and dishes.

But it all comes down to results, right? Whether you’re swinging from the trapeze or walking a daily tightrope of chores and to-do lists, you need to get to the other side. And we made it – both sales were a complete success. The Buffalo sale was right in step with predetermined goals, driving traffic and surpassing $1 million in sales for the one-day event, and the Webster sale surpassed the first-time sales goal of $100,000 by 10%.

In short, this show was one for the ages.

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