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National Women’s Hall of Fame

In 1848, Seneca Falls, NY hosted the nation’s first Women’s Rights Convention and later gave us the Declaration of Sentiments that set the women’s rights movement in motion.

Because of that history, Seneca Falls is now home to the National Women’s Hall of Fame, a museum dedicated to the great women of our country and their contributions to civil and human rights and the ongoing battle for equality.

The Hall faces another constant battle—for funding. In a contest sponsored by National Geographic, the Hall competed against other national landmarks across the country for votes and grant funding to help build a permanent and worthy home in the Seneca Falls Knitting Mill that played such an important role in the movement. The Martin Group developed a campaign that used historic women and a recent rallying cry to get people to vote early and often for the Women’s Hall of Fame. As a result, we helped to secure $150,000 for construction.