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Under Armour Lacrosse

Under Armour

The Martin Group prides itself on earning our stripes and building long-term partnerships regardless of the size or scope of our first touchpoint with a client.

When Under Armour first asked us to create a one-of-a-kind seeding box to house 10 lacrosse heads for their top “UNDENIABLE” programs around the country – to be delivered in a month – we quickly figured out a solution. And the exclusive boxes – built to not only transport but also display the heads – were delivered to all 40 schools on time, earning much acclaim on social media and positive reviews from the client.

That unique project blossomed into an ongoing relationship with their lacrosse division that includes their annual creative campaign (print, digital, social), monthly social media management, and additional creative projects (print ads, digital animations, email blasts, photo shoots). The key has been constantly learning about their young audience while staying authentic to the sport of lacrosse, and adhering to their “Young, Fearless, Aggressive” brand standards.

Integrated across our disciplines, we mesh our deep sports experience with our strategic creative expertise to help UA stay fresh in this competitive landscape. Our success with lacrosse has led to similar engagements managing social media and producing a variety of creative projects for UA Football, Baseball, Golf, Women’s Training, and Cheer.

@UALacrosse Spring 2019 Results:

• Instagram Likes Per Post Increased 22%

• Twitter Engagement Increased 157%

• Our UNDENIABLE UGC Campaign Yielded 50% More Engagements Than Brand Content