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Under Armour x Foot Locker, Inc.

Under Armour

Connecting With True Competitors

Over the past few years, purchasing behavior at Foot Locker, Inc. and Champs has evolved, providing Under Armour with a unique opportunity to differentiate among its competitors and reconnect with its key audience: the Focused Performer.

Leaning on years of experience working with Under Armour, Foot Locker, Champs and other elite sports brands, The Martin Group developed a cross-functional strategy and creative concepts aligned with the value proposition:

Together, Foot, Inc. and Under Armour create and curate the gear that inspires and empowers young athletes who strive to be great.

We then worked alongside UA’s team to produce a video/photo shoot with up- and-coming basketball star GG Jackson and his teammates at the University of South Carolina. Our goal was to capture authentic training moments among the team, while also focusing on GG’s star power. Under Armour’s push is to show teams and groups of athletes practicing and working to get better together, so we tapped the Gamecocks’ men’s basketball team to show us their training regimen in the weight room, running stairs in the arena, and doing ladder drills on the court, as well as “to-from” moments hanging out together.

Following the shoot, our team wrote and designed the final deliverables for this digital campaign, which launched in February 2023 across Foot Locker, Champs, and GG’s own social channels.

Part two of this campaign focused on the digital and in-store conversion of key products. Starting with the brand and then transitioning to the products, this campaign ultimately served as a multi-pronged success for Under Armour and their key Foot, Inc. partners.