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Performance Gear Seeding

Under Armour

At Under Armour, performance comes first—both when it comes to the athletes who choose the brand for exceptional gear, and in the way every product is developed and made.

Under Armour wanted to bring this message to market for their young, female Focused Performers, and saw an opportunity to do so via influencer marketing of their new Women’s Vanish Seamless Mid Bra. The Martin Group partnered with the athletics innovator to concept, produce, and execute a seeding box campaign that took the product and a new depth of Under Armour storytelling around the world. With the theme of “Made to Be,” our custom seeding box and the materials inside drew connections between the hard work women athletes put into their workouts—whether in the gym, on the road, or in cycling class—with the technical attention to detail Under Armour puts into their gear.

This elevated story came to life with messaging that encouraged influencers to reflect on what they’re made to do—and to inspire that same motivation with their followers. The Vanish Seamless Mid Bra and matching gear went to 80 recipients around the globe, with a number of higher-level partnerships managed by our social media team.

The campaign ultimately yielded 3.4 million video views220K likes and nearly 5,200 comments across the influencer posts.