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Under Armour

Standing together through adversity. Playing for more than the win.

Two years after the launch of its online platform for creating customized cleats and sneakers, UA ICON, Under Armour came to The Martin Group to help them raise awareness and drive sales. Our team developed an integrated campaign, including social and digital executions complemented by pre-campaign research and a robust media strategy. In the chosen creative concept, we focused on the deeper meaning of sports to athletes, and how UA ICON helps athletes embody that meaning through customization.

That insight led to us working with the Oaks Christian Lions, a high school football team impacted by off-field challenges. Using a mix of athlete testimonials, footage from practices, and the ICON customization process, we captured how the team banded together to support each other and their community. We showed the inextricable link between what an athlete stands for on the field and what they stand for in their lives. And we demonstrated the true value of UA ICON as a tool that allows athletes to authentically tell their unique story and show what they stand for.