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Under Armour

In the world of sports, it doesn’t get much bigger than Notre Dame Football. The Irish—an Under Armour team—made a run to the 2018-19 College Football Playoffs, becoming the only non-Nike team to make the four-team postseason.

So it came as no surprise that Under Armour wanted to celebrate in a big way: by sending team members custom seeding boxes packed with Under Armour gear.

Our first step was to design the box itself. Building off UA’s Rush 4 Gold theme, our team developed a box with the appearance of a rustic wooden crate packed with gold bars. Inspiring messaging was printed on the interior and exterior of the box. Inside the box itself was Under Armour recovery gear, sent to aid the team in their playoff preparation after a long regular season. The boxes were delivered to players, coaches, and key NFL alums, triggering a thunderous display of appreciation. Players’ reactions were recorded and posted to the team’s Twitter page, building buzz for both Notre Dame Football and the Under Armour brand.

Our ND playoff social content was prepared ahead of time, ready to launch once ND made the playoffs. In addition to our regular social media efforts, we created two hype videos. The first video was released on social to congratulate the team on making the four-team playoff, using tight product shots, fan footage, and a motivational speech by Notre Dame’s head coach. Focusing on archived footage from the Irish’s glory years, our team also created a high-energy pregame hype video that was deployed the day of the national semifinal game.

Both pieces hit social hard, firing up fans for ND’s playoff run in a way only Under Armour could. By putting an authentic, modern spin on ND’s rich football heritage, we were able to connect with UA’s audience in a fresh, relevant way. The videos earned a combined 430,000 video views and 30,000 engagements across Instagram and Twitter.