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Trillium Health

When done well, the power of a brand to appeal to diverse audiences is one of its great strengths.

That power is thoroughly tested when the brand is for a full-service health center offering a huge range of services to a diverse group of people—each with unique needs, but all essentially looking for the same thing, although they might not realize it.

Formerly AIDS Care, Trillium Health expanded to be a community health center offering a full spectrum of care including pediatrics, women’s health, primary care, and more. They partnered with The Martin Group to develop a brand that communicated their new services to a wider audience, that assured the LGBTQ community that they remain a priority, and that welcomed everyone from a first-time mother to the underserved of Rochester.

We responded with a brand that mirrored Trillium itself—optimistic, inclusive, flexible, and affirming. It simultaneously assured each individual that Trillium understands them and promised everyone that they will receive unprecedented care regardless of what brings them in the door.