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Helping an emerging startup strut its best stuff.

Strut came to The Martin Group as LYFE Wellness, a small startup looking to break into the e-pharma industry, offering products ranging from prescription medications for sexual health and hair loss to those for skin care and nail health. Our team quickly realized that while fast, discreet, and affordable medication was an important selling point, the company was selling something far bigger: a return to confidence and self-expression, unhindered by embarrassing medical conditions.

Guided by that insight, our team developed a new name, logo, and tagline for the brand. In the process of developing Strut’s new look and feel, our team and our client saw a great opportunity to connect with consumers by positioning the company as playful, cheeky, and slightly irreverent. With that in mind, we built the Strut website and developed and launched an integrated campaign complete with organic social (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), paid social, digital display, and search engine marketing. Our work helped to show that with a trusted ally who you feel comfortable with—and can maybe even share a laugh with—embarrassing medical conditions aren’t so scary after all.


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