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Be Part of the Credits


When the best story playing at a theater is their own.

Following the passing of its founder, Santikos Entertainment—a San Antonio based theater group—was donated to the San Antonio Area Foundation as a lasting gift to the community. Now, the company’s sole purpose is to direct millions of dollars in profits back into the region.

While this transition had a simple mission, communicating the logistics of the relationship between the groups was cumbersome and confusing. Thanks to a strategic relationship with the Hearst Corporation, Amuse, a Hearst digital agency, tapped The Martin Group to provide branding, concepting, and tactical direction for the campaign.

Because the goal was to achieve increased customer loyalty and engagement, it was essential to communicate to the audience that they were already contributing to a charitable foundation with every purchase made at a Santikos theater.

Following our initial research and insights from key stakeholders, we developed the concept “Be Part of the Credits.” The idea was a nod to the filmmaking process and how, behind the scenes, there are countless people that make it all possible—just like merely going to a Santikos theater helps to make its community a better place.

Our team developed a look and feel to reflect the energy of enjoyment in the moviegoing experience paired with the impactful, community-minded results of how Santikos is different from its competitors.