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Rupp Baase Pfalzgraf Cunningham, LLC

When partner Lisa Coppola left Rupp, Baase, Pfalzgraf & Cunningham LLC to start her own law firm, the remaining partners decided it was the perfect time to give their brand a shakeup.

The partners saw the restructuring as an opportunity to elevate the firm’s visual identity, better aligning it with the organization’s sophistication and capabilities. The firm decided they would need a new logo and tagline, and The Martin Group was just the agency for the job. Early in the discovery phase, our team uncovered a valuable insight that would serve us well. While RBPC was highly established in Western New York, they had never been, nor had any interest in becoming, a “business as usual” law practice. The rest of the industry was fixated on racking up billable hours and growing at all costs—RPBC was focused on innovating. They wanted future clients to understand that RBPC was different—approachable, affordable, and highly collaborative—and that they weren’t afraid of “new” so long as it helped their clients to achieve the best possible legal outcomes. Fueled by that insight, our team crafted the tagline, Innovation in Practice, and created a crisp, contemporary logo mark that embodied the brand’s ethos of innovation. Together, they perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the brand, lighting a beacon for top-tier talent and forward-thinking clients alike.