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Pluta Cancer Center

With cancer becoming more pervasive than ever, oncology centers are expanding their services to meet the holistic needs of patients and their families.

In response to the growing need for cancer care that addresses treatment from all angles—mind, body and spirit—Pluta Cancer Center decided to open a different kind of cancer center. They came to us to create a compelling case for support that introduced the community to the concept of integrative oncology and showcased its benefits to cancer patients and survivors. We were able to not only depict the physical space of the new Integrative Oncology Center being created on the second floor of the existing Pluta Cancer Center, but give a voice to people who have been helped by Pluta.

The collateral piece told the stories of cancer survivors—using original photography to capture the spirit of Pluta’s amazing patients and doctors—and successfully garnered interest from prospective donors interested in supporting the capital campaign.