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Website Redesign

Perry's Ice Cream

For our partners at Perry’s Ice Cream, delicious hard work had paid off in a number of milestones worth celebrating.

Their centennial anniversary of serving up the good stuff. Their expansion into new markets, such as Ohio and Pennsylvania. And in keeping with this forward momentum, beautiful new packaging to stand out on the shelf.

Seeing the opportunity to evolve the overall brand expression alongside this change, Perry’s partnered with our team to revamp their website-with the ask of staying true to their 100+ years as a family company while also creating a digital presence as fresh as their ice cream.

Taking cues from a robust brand strategy that codified the Perry’s brand personality, and using the redesigned packaging as a key source of inspiration, we helped to transform the Perry’s website in terms of look, tone. and functionality. From completely redesigning and restructuring the website, to incorporating visual elements that feature a black background and bold pops of color, to giving all web copy a sweet and playful tone, the end result is a digital presence as premium as the company’s products.

Visit the redesigned perrysicecream.com today.