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Putting faith in the future by honoring the past.

For decades, the Our Lady of Victory family of institutions—Homes of Charity, the OLV National Shrine & Basilica, and Baker Victory Services—has been dedicated to improving the lives of those in need through dental, educational, residential, and community-based services.

While effective, these organizations functioned under their own separate brands—causing confusion and a lack of connectivity. The new leadership team approached The Martin Group to clarify, unify, and simplify the brands, building upon the success and paying tribute to the legacy of their founder, the Venerable Nelson Baker.

Following extensive research into the awareness, attitudes, and perceptions of each organization, our team developed a structural brand architecture that elevated the work of Father Baker as the unifying thread between the organizations. To establish consistency, each brand would lead with OLV, finish with “A Father Baker Legacy,” and share the same cross icon and color palette. This evolution of their established brands is expected to strengthen OLV’s position in the marketplace and create long-term sustainability for the three partnering organizations.