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All iN Campaign

Nichols School

Setting out on its largest comprehensive campaign, Nichols relies on positive momentum and community spirit to ensure and define the future of the school.

Recognized as the leader among independent schools in Western New York, Nichols has differentiated itself by igniting students’ passions to embrace challenge, discover themselves, and make an impact on the world for more than 125 years. While this positive momentum has allowed Nichols to provide the gift of the finest education, that gift comes at a cost. As a result, Nichols embarked on a $35 million fundraising campaign and enlisted The Martin Group to transform the school’s positive momentum into a uniting rallying cry.

Our team began by branding the campaign as “All iN” to highlight the campaign’s initiatives—iNclude, iNspire, iNnovate, and iNvest. Using inspirational interviews with students, faculty, parents, and alumni, we brought each initiative to life and showed how Nichols will allocate funds to impact generations of Nichols’ students, faculty, and community. Through a case statement, campaign video, and campaign landing page, we captured the communal and passionate spirit that has always been part of Nichols—rallying everyone together and inviting them to join the school as they go “All iN” for this fundraising campaign.