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Fit for Glory

New Era Cap

Crafting the right fit at the intersection of sports and culture.

In an effort to bring all of New Era Cap’s sports affiliations under one narrative umbrella, New Era Cap asked The Martin Group to concept, produce and execute tactics for their upcoming “Fit For Glory” campaign. Marketing across all NFL, MLB and NBA on-field/court cap moments throughout the year, our team was tasked with coordinating the on-location multi-day shoot and bringing the entire concept to life through compelling, dramatic visuals. The work was unleashed coast-to-coast across stadiums, retail locations and personal screens.

“Fit For Glory” focused on capturing the emotion inside sport’s biggest moments. With dramatic black and white imagery set on each athlete’s natural stage—professional-grade courts, fields and diamonds—the team at The Martin Group connected each epic moment to the on-field cap of the heroes themselves.