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National Fuel

Empowering customers
to be part of the solution.


The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) of 2019 posed an unprecedented challenge to National Fuel’s NYS business. The Martin Group helped NF navigate the issue and communicate effectively with their various target audiences.


We created a first-of-its-kind campaign to position NF as a key part of the solution, advocating for lower emissions while empowering customers to become part of the solution.

  • The “Fueling Tomorrow Today” campaign served as a new vehicle for the company’s Conservation Incentive Program, educating audiences about the compatibility of natural gas with a clean energy future and the crucial role it has played in helping to reduce emissions.
  • Our efforts also raised public consciousness around the many other benefits and features of natural gas—including convenience, reliability, and low cost.

More recently, we launched an advertising and public affairs campaign called “Better Plan No Bans,” to educate customers about new proposals to ban natural gas in new and existing buildings, urging them to voice their opinions with elected officials.


The results were overwhelmingly positive—generating tens of thousands of emails and phone calls from customers to hold elected officials accountable. This public outcry helped to remove the existing buildings ban from the state’s final budget deal reached by the governor and state legislature, a major policy win!


Fueling Tomorrow Today: Winter 2023 CIP Campaign

  • 39M total impressions
  • 55,306 clicks
  • 118,000+ page views
  • 440 application downloads
  • 2.79% average click-through rate (vs industry standard of 1%)

Better Plan No Bans Micro-campaign

  • 17,987 emails
  • 592 phone calls
  • 967 social media shares
  • 19,033 clicks
  • 7,814 conversions