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Wicked Cin


Whiskey has never been the way to redemption, so if you’re going to indulge, you may as well have some wicked fun. 

Taking on more well-known competitors like Fireball and Jack Daniel’s Fire, LiDestri turned to The Martin Group to bring attention to their Recipe 21 cinnamon whiskey—Wicked Cin. But without the awareness to make headway against established brands, Wicked Cin would need a concept and creative that would resonate with their target audience as an experience they want to be a part of.

Building off the product’s unique name, our team executed a concept based on what it means to “Live in Cin” and how much fun it can be. In order to bring the brand’s mischievous personality to life, we executed digital ads, social media content, promotional events, truck wraps, a landing page, and more. Through our integrated tactics we were able to not only gain awareness for Wicked Cin, but also create an associated experience that would resonate with anyone looking to enjoy their night to the fullest.