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Josh Allen at DICK'S House of Sport

New Era Cap

The Martin Group continues to provide a wide range of services to longstanding client New Era Cap. From concept development to global tactical execution, we’re proud to support them wherever—and however—they need us. Most recently, they came to us with an idea for a long-form video documenting a superfan shopping spree with Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Abbie, a former patient of Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Together with DICK’S Sporting Goods’ House of Sport in Victor, NY, New Era Cap tasked our team with executing the idea. While the creative operations and account teams strategized the logistics of production, our creative team got to work on developing a voice-over script for Josh as well as providing general direction for the shoot itself. As the pre-production process began, The Martin Group researched, hired, and managed the director of photography, audio crew, and post-production house.

Understanding the goal of the entire project was to highlight the unique House of Sport location and capture Josh’s charitable nature in an authentic moment, we ensured the finished video featured tight, intimate shots that highlighted the playful, heartwarming interactions between Josh and Abbie.

Overall, the piece delivered on the original idea and clearly resonated with the audience. As it spread across the internet, it was shared by news outlets across the country as well as the official NFL account.