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Since 2017, The Martin Group has worked alongside the team at Galbani, a global cheese leader with roots as “Italy’s favorite cheese brand.”

Our engagement initially consisted of taking over their US-based social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, with special attention turned towards segments of their target audiences. We began by creating a new strategy, as well as handling customer responses, influencer relationships, content creation and analytics tracking. The goal was to both grow their audience and increase engagement. After just a month of posting, their audience grew 11% and their engagement more than doubled, with impressions continuing to grow thereafter.

From there, we’ve steadily expanded the scope of our relationship beyond social media to encompass planning and creative production for a variety of integrated campaigns—promoting delicious offerings such as ingredient cheeses (mozzarella and ricotta), new-to-market snack dips, and indulgent treats like double cream ricotta. Helping the Galbani story come to life everywhere from FSIs to in-store signage to YouTube pre-roll videos, we’re proud to be stewards for this exceptional brand.