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Brand Awareness Campaign

Excelsior College

Real life calls for real learning solutions.

With continuing education programs for full-time working adults on the rise, online programs have proliferated. Excelsior College—a pioneer in distance education and leader in online learning—turned to The Martin Group for help with differentiation via a brand refresh and campaign aimed at expanding brand awareness. Our team began with a deep dive that encompassed current brand positioning, internal culture, internal and external research studies, and communications audits, yielding the insight that would drive our campaign: adults seeking further education wanted to earn their degree as quickly as possible—without sacrificing their busy lives outside of school. We answered with Life Happens, Keep Learning, a fresh brand position and tagline highlighting Excelsior’s college credit for past experience and training and its inherently flexible online learning program. From there, targeted messaging and fresh creative came to life in targeted digital, video, outdoor, radio, and print advertising. Together, these yielded a seamless user experience throughout the sales funnel of awareness, consideration, and conversion. Post-campaign research studies showed a target audience eager to learn more about Excelsior College, and combined, the campaign generated a total of 2,251,565 impressions.