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Charles Finney School

It is a challenge to find students for virtually every private school. But when you are in the second tier of schools in a very competitive marketplace, it can be a Herculean challenge just to get noticed.

The Charles Finney School found itself in that situation in a town where more prominent schools like McQuaid Jesuit, Aquinas Institute, The Harley School, and others dominate the landscape. At the mention of Finney, the reaction was often, “I’ve never heard of it.” And yet, with outstanding academics, a welcoming family environment, an award-winning robotics program, and a full range of sports and extracurricular activities, Finney was too good to keep secret. The Martin Group was tasked with elevating awareness so that the school was among the consideration set for enrollment for students K-12. We did it with a campaign that centered around their established and much-loved tagline of “Do something greater,” and that positioned every staff member, student, and family member as a symbol of all that’s great about a Finney education.