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A data-driven approach to disrupting healthcare.

For businesses and their employees, the costs of healthcare continue to grow—becoming a burden for some and a recruitment tool for others. After assessing the issues surrounding self-funded healthcare nationwide, an opportunity presented itself to the founders of Centivo. Leveraging advanced analytics to deliver a cost-effective health plan that’s easy for employers and their employees to utilize, Centivo promised to change the healthcare landscape for good.

While their offering is a progressive, cost-saving approach to self-funded healthcare, prior to launch, Centivo was building their brand from scratch. Thankfully, Centivo contacted The Martin Group to help establish brand awareness among three specific audiences: employers, healthcare providers, and employees.

Through an intense brand discovery and strategy process, the team at The Martin Group identified market challenges, audience profiles, and brand positioning that helped inform the solutions developed by the creative team. The award-winning work that followed included logo and tagline, launch campaign concepts, brand style guide, library of custom illustrations, and several collateral pieces.