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When family values rooted in partnership and customer service meet innovation and craftsmanship.

First established in the 1950’s, family-owned dental laboratory BonaDent built its business on a few basic principles: understand the doctors, know their needs, and provide them with products that reflect the highest craftsmanship and care while delivering consistent, friendly customer service. Generations later, BonaDent has grown into a full-scale dental service lab, expanding their headquarters and opening satellite locations across the United States. While their innovation and skill in the lab has led to their steady growth, their longstanding family traditions have allowed BonaDent to establish expertise in more areas than just dentistry.

Guided by this insight, our team created a modern brand through a creative suite that highlighted their dental technicians and staff as experts—not only in anterior and complex cases but also in areas such as partnership, customer service, and artistry. Through our relationship, we have supported BonaDent through its continued growth with ongoing creative that positions excellence front and center.