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Bolaños Lowe

In a field crowded with large, lackluster law firms, there is something appealing about a small firm that is powered by enthusiasm and driven by a desire for partnership.

Bolaños Lowe came to The Martin Group as a startup Labor, Employment, and Corporate Law firm looking to break away from the legal standards defined by big, corporate law firms to focus on what’s most important—their clients. Bringing a combined 30 years of unmatched senior partner experience, affordable rates, and a client-first approach, they needed a brand that would distinctly position them as a firm that’s practicing a different kind of law.

Guided by that insight, our team developed a powerful brand that touched on what people dislike about most law firms alongside what they want to find in a partnership. This allowed us to put Bolaños Lowe in the sweet spot where little and mighty meet to the benefit of every client. Using our integrated approach, we executed tactics that position the brand as being powerfully attractive to potential clients who won’t know what they want in a firm until they see it—until they see Bolaños Lowe.