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BestSelf Behavioral Health

Following the healthy merger of two well-established groups, BestSelf Behavioral Health became the largest community-based behavioral health organization serving Western New York.

However, even with a combined 120 years’ experience delivering innovative and evidence-based services, future patients and potential stakeholders were unaware of the new brand. The team at BestSelf looked to The Martin Group to help introduce them to the community in a direct, yet hopeful way. To successfully inform our audience of community leaders, local influencers, and the community-at-large, we needed to fully understand the essential services – like counseling, substance abuse treatment, and homeless outreach – that BestSelf provides.

Dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues can be a daunting, lonely time for anyone. Those affected become consumed by their situation while a solution can feel a million miles away. For some people to get through the pain, they must first see that it’s possible.

Behind this thinking, our team developed a concept that, by removing one word from the phrase “life gets the best of you,” demonstrated the impact that BestSelf’s services can have. And through an integrated marketing campaign that included outdoor, digital, and broadcast, we delivered succinct, yet relatable storytelling that successfully introduced BestSelf to the community in a compassionate and entertaining way.