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Happy Chaos


In Tokyo’s Harajuku district, style and chaos reign alongside each other.

Our partners at ASICS had developed a Happy Chaos pack inspired by that incomparable energy, spirit, and singularity—and were looking to bring its story to life in a way that connected with Western street style. A cross-department collaborative team came together to create and execute a campaign that channeled this unique mash-up and elevated it to top of mind awareness for sneaker culture-savvy consumers. We were driven by the insight that the Harajuku district is compelling for its status as a cultural crossroads, where stylistic influences, inspirations, and ideas clash and remix. From there, we brought that insight to life with a creative campaign that featured street scenes and eclectic energy, along with a styling aesthetic that bridged the gap between east and west. With a look, tone, and feel equal parts gritty, bright, and unexpected, the campaign came to life on key touchpoints socially and digitally, paving the way for a successful product launch for a one-of-a-kind collection that could only come from ASICS Tiger.