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We Rise Together

Albany Law School

With steady enrollment growth, increased rankings, and accolades for academic innovation, Albany Law, the nation’s oldest independent law school, was already experiencing positive momentum. But how to transfer that momentum to an ambitious fundraising campaign?

Our strategy and creative, like We Rise Together: The Campaign for Albany Law School itself, recognized and centered around a single fact—individual stories of student perseverance and triumph collectively raise the institution to a new level and form a compelling reason for philanthropic support of Albany Law.

Through stories of students who each embody a different campaign pillar and who all embody the Albany Law commitment to excellence, service, and insatiable improvement, a case statement, campaign video, and campaign landing page told the Albany Law School story—one that invokes pride in the school’s past and enthusiasm for its future.

At the campaign’s public announcement, Albany Law School had secured $22 million of its $30 million goal. As of June 2020—just 18 months after the launch—gifts to the campaign amounted to $28 million. Individually, our tactics increased awareness and engagement for Albany Law. But together, they formed a cohesive campaign capable of helping Albany Law achieve its most ambitious fundraising goal.


conversion rate on custom campaign landing page

Increased engagement across all social platforms


million raised as part of the fundraising campaign