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Who Was The Real Super Bowl 50 Winner?

3 min read
February 8, 2016

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Last night’s Super Bowl was a battle between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers – and the advertisers. We know who won the football game, but who won the advertising game? According to the USA Today, Hyundai’s ‘First Date’  commercial was number 1. We asked TMG and MDPR partners to share their favorite and least favorite ads. Here’s what they had to say.

Katie MacIntyre  (and her husband Bryan)

Marketing Director, Generations Bank

Bryan: ‘Doritos – sonogram’

It was hilarious that the baby was following the chip. It was absurd but it was really all about getting that chip!

Katie: Audi

I loved the tribute to Bowie with music and imagery and the tagline at the end to the ‘starman’

Weiner doggies and #MeettheKetchups was pretty cute too!

Jeep has been good too. #4x4ever

Brian Straka

Marketing Coordinator, 43 North

Great Loans? Super Bowl commercials are oftentimes either so good that they’re unforgettable, or so bad that they’re unforgettable. This commercial was just forgettable.

NFL family commercial – just very awkward. Nothing more than that.

T-Mobile – Steve Harvey capitalizing on his Miss America blunder was great for both his personal brand and T-Mobile.

John Craik

Executive Director, P2 Collaborative of Western New York

My favorite ad was for the Amazon Echo; I thought the dialogue was quick, punchy and very witty.  Alec Baldwin can still be a hoot, and the ending with Missy Elliott was very funny.

Oliver Hays

Communications and Proposal Manager, Phillips Lytle LLP

I think it’s a tie between Avocados because it’s awesome they use their whole marketing budget on a Super Bowl ad every year, and T-Mobile because they made Drake seem likable for 1 minute.  Both were really well done.

Matthew Pelkey

Partner, Colligan Law

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky and a history geek– Audi R8 hit on both of those for me!

Peter Burakowski

Director of Marketing, 43North

Tonight, I’m changing a behavior thanks to a toothpaste commercial. Colgate illustrated the impacts of wasting water in a simple, tangible, human way and nicely aligned themselves with socially-and-environmentally conscious consumers. #EveryDropCounts

Megan Savage

Marketing & Communications Specialist, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise

Toyota Prius Commercial. I loved the Toyota Prius ad! In a year that was heavy with car commercials, this one really stood out. It was funny, witty and made me laugh out loud.  “The Wire” cast member reunion was a nice bonus.


Mike Mule

CEO, Designated Drivers of Buffalo

Puppy monkey baby was my favorite. It was just so out there.  The Audi one I thought was really good as well.



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