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What We’re Thankful For This Year

November 21, 2018

It’s been a great year at The Martin Group. From the growth of our teams in all 3 offices, to Regional and International awards won, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. Without our talented TMG groupies and collaborative and creative clients, we would not be able to accomplish all that we do every day.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we feel it’s appropriate to list what each of our teammates are thankful for:

I am thankful for our TMG family and the clients we are so fortunate to serve.
– Tod Martin, President, Chief Creative Officer

I am particularly grateful for my husband, family and friends who in tough times have lent an ear, given counsel, contributed objectivity, summoned belly laughs, and cheered me on. I can’t imagine life without these people. Second to that, I feel some serious love for my town of Troy, NY – from the arts, culture, food, and people – there’s no better place to unwind.
– Jennifer Hunold, Senior Brand Manager

I’m thankful for my amazing and supportive family and colleagues.  I’m so grateful that I get to work with fun, kind, smart people every day and then go home to my crazy and adorable family…I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
– Kate Chokshi, Account Director

I am thankful to work with such kind, talented people every day who have made moving to Buffalo worth it!
– Mandy Bly, Digital Project Manager

I’m thankful for my health – “when you’ve got your health, you’ve got just about everything”.
And then i get to have these 3 angels in my life.  “Life is GRAND”!
-Victoria Kopra, Operations Coordinator

I’m thankful for being blessed with tremendous family and friends.
– Tim Coppola, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

I am most thankful for my husband and our two sweet boys.
– Stefanie Meyers, Staff Accountant


I am thankful to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends.
– Joseph Phelan, Public Relations Coordinator

Every year I reflect on what I am thankful for and every year the list keeps growing.  I am so thankful to have a happy life full of family, friends, love and laughter.
– Krista Sobon, Senior Media Planner

I’m thankful for these two dweebs :-).
– Matt Davison, Managing Partner

I’m thankful for dogs and all the food TMG feeds us, especially the donuts.
– Dima Maddah, Manager of Social Media and Content

While I have a lot to be thankful for every year, this year I am especially grateful. I am thankful for an amazing place to work and create alongside wonderful and talented people. I am thankful for an incredible support system of family and friends. I am thankful for my health that allows me to do the things that I love—like running and training. I am thankful for life’s lessons and what they’ve given me this year. But most of all, this turn around the sun, I am thankful for my new fur child Clooney, who has taught me the meaning of unconditional love and that snugs (and life in general) are better with a four-legged BFF.
– Marilynn Militello, Senior Brand Manager

I’m thankful to be back in Buffalo and closer to my loved ones. It’s provided the opportunity to play a more active role in the lives of my nieces and nephews, and to spend more than rushed long weekends between trips to the airport with my parents, siblings and extended family.
– Andrew Scutt, Senior Public Relations Manager


I’m thankful for friends, family, and my dog, Phoebe.
– Katie Steelman, Proofreader, Copy Editor

This year, I’m thankful for our firm’s hardworking team, near and far, in Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany!
– Kelsey Hanks, Public Relations Manager

I am thankful for every day I have with my family.
– Lisa Strock, Senior Vice President, Managing Director Buffalo

I am thankful for living in a country where we can freely worship. I am thankful for a God that forgives me when I am not worthy. I am thankful for my wife of 25 years and my two kids that I am proud to call my friends. I am thankful for my coworkers that make TMG a caring and fun place to work. I am thankful to all of our friends, colleges and clients that keep referring us to others. Almost all of our clients in Rochester have come from this practice. It is truly an honor to grow a business based on trust, friendships and solid relationships.
– Dion Pender, Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Managing Director Rochester

Thankful for the continued encouragement I get from the dearest friends I have in my life. These friends have turned into family. One day, I hope the dreams they have encouraged me reach for will turn into reality.
– Rachel Giralico, Senior Art Director

I’m thankful for the love, strength and joy of family.
– Robin Needham, Associate Media Director

Thankful for 6 speed engines, the extra buttons that come sewn inside your shirts, Uber, lane assist, friction hockey tape, find friends app., and good health.
– Dave Riley, Creative Director

I’m thankful for my family and our health.
I’m thankful that I have two healthy, happy children!
I’m thankful for my dog, who is the sweetest Rottweiler ever – and he’s changing peoples’ minds about this breed!
I’m thankful for my chickens, who bring me companionship and eggs! (Who knew chickens had personalities?)
I’m thankful that I was lucky enough to start a new job and join an amazing team 🙂
-Lesley Ruple, Account Supervisor


I am thankful for my health and that everyone in my family is healthy.
If you don’t have your health nothing else matters.
– Lisa Braun, Senior Accountant

I’m thankful for everything that makes New York State a great place to live, from the rising mountains to our resurgent cities, and from our immense history and inspiring architecture to our Great Lakes. Also, for Moosie — definitely thankful for that scrappy little guy, who should absolutely run for Dog Governor.
– John Mackowiak, Director, Public Relations & Public Affairs

I’m thankful for my lovely family, longtime friends, and another year together with both.
– Mike Farrell, Senior Manager of Content and Social Media

Last January, my boyfriend and I rescued a dog off of a meat farm in Korea. Up until then, I had no idea such a horrible thing even existed.
This Thanksgiving, an am extremely thankful for the organization, Jindo Love, for rescuing Goku (and hundreds of other dogs) and for making our little family possible.
– Jenna Perry, Project Coordinator

I am thankful that my husband and I will be growing our family in 2019, and are graduating from dog parents to real parents!
– Kailey Kolozsvary, Public Relations Manager

I am thankful for chocolate!
-Alexa Christopher, Vice President, Brand Strategy

I’m thankful for Levi, who taught me how to turn this into a functional emoji on our agency’s slack.
– Michael Tsanis, Vice President, Creative Director

I am thankful that two of my favorites sports teams – the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Sabres – are competitive again!
– Dick Shaner Jr., Senior Vice President, Martin Davison Public Relations

I’m thankful for my amazing coworkers and friends, for always making work a blast.
– Terry Caber, Art Director

I’m thankful for Beyoncé,  Rupaul’s Drag Race, and Ariana Grande’s ponytail. ❤
– Cameron Bailey, Public Relations and Content Coordinator

I’m thankful to have a house full of happy, healthy girls , a roster of clients who collaborate with us on projects that continually push boundaries and set new standards, and a talented group of Martin Group associates who I learn from every day.
– John Jiloty, Vice President, Social Media and Content

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