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Valentine’s Day: Why We Love the Work

3 min read
February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day is about spreading the love. Here at The Martin Group, we’re lucky enough to do what we love every day. In the Valentine’s Day spirit, we asked TMG and MDPR groupies to tell us what they love most about their work. Here’s what they had to say. 


“The passion of the team to constantly deliver and show our clients the love!”

-Tod Martin, chief creative officer


“What I love about work is that I get to use my imagination every day to help bring brands to life and tell their stories. Whether I’m coming up with a name or a tagline for a new company or writing an ad that helps people see or feel something they wouldn’t have before, it’s a new challenge every day, and it’s fun.”

-Jennifer Hoffmire, senior copywriter


“What I love about work is the opportunity to amplify important messages in new and creative ways everyday.”

-Emily Pumm, multimedia specialist


“I love that every single day is different and never stale. Long live the 24-hour news cycle!”

-Matt Davison, managing partner


“There are too many good stories to tell about what’s happening in WNY. I love doing our part to make sure those stories are heard and absorbed. Great work, great clients, and a great TMG/MDPR team.”

-Kelsey Hanks, public relations specialist


“When you work alongside a top-notch team to develop—and execute—solutions to the challenges our clients face, it’s easy to love the work. A strong, smart team. A star-studded roster of industry-leading clients. A commitment to delivering results for the company, our clients and the community. How could you not love the work?”

-John Mackowiak, senior public relations manager


“I love the constant challenge. Getting to work with clients from a variety of industries and collaborate with so many talented people (on the client side and across our entire integrated agency) really provides the opportunity to constantly be learning and evolving.”

-John Jiloty, vice president of social media and content


“What I love about work is having co-workers who I can truly call my friends who make each day entertaining.”

-Andrea Elliott, creative supervisor


“I love the people who I get to interact with on a daily basis. To see the commitment and the passion everyone displays each and every day makes me proud to be a part of such a tremendous team!”

-Tim Coppola, chief financial officer

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