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TMG Celebrates World Emoji Day!

July 18, 2017

World Emoji Day is a perfect reason to celebrate this unique form of communication that is becoming more and more important to marketers. Yes, that’s right: emojis have gone mainstream.

And just like those who a few years ago scoffed that Instagram was for teenagers, if you sleep on this invaluable method of visual messaging, you’re going to be left behind. Here are a few quick tips for the uninitiated sceptics:

  1. When Brevity is Important

Struggling to get your message into 140 characters on Twitter, or just want to shorten the length of your post? Emojis can cut down on words and text, which we know is crucial to getting people to consume your content. Rather than have to write how much you like a blog post, save that space for pulling out your favorite point.


  • Authenticity is ?on social media.
  • The graphic that Terry Caber created for this blog is ?.
  • Can’t believe how tone-deaf Adidas was with that Boston Marathon congratulations. ?Dick Shaner: http://bit.ly/CrisisManagementBlog
  1. Don’t Overdo It

Just like anything (hashtags especially), piling on an avalanche of emojis in a social media post is going to make it unreadable and abrasive. Limit yourself to 2-3 tops per post.

  1. Know the Right Scenario

Obviously, emojis create more of a fun, light tone. Don’t use them for anything serious or negative. They should not be used to try to lighten an otherwise dark scenario.

  1. Have Fun With Directionals

Arrows and pointers help draw attention to key elements of your messaging (comments, bio), especially within photos on Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

  1. Take It Easy on the Face Emojis

Maybe this is just a pet peeve, but people can really go overboard in my opinion with these face expressions. There are so many of them that their meanings can be misconstrued so you really risk miscommunicating your message

Here’s a little fun fact: France’s most used emoji is the kiss face-   – while in the U.S., it’s the happy/crying face for the win-

Now for our team’s favorite emojis:

It’s funny because cats don’t have lips
Terry Caber, Art Director 


I love the halo emoji. I use it when my kids do something good (as in “you’re an angel”). I just wished I could use it more often!!
Meg Hunter, Business Development Manager 


I like to use the Cha Cha Lady x 3 when letting my friends know that I’m ready for any hijinks they’re suggesting.
Michael Tsanis, Vice President | Creative Director 

The upside down smiley face – it says a lot without saying much at all! This particular smiley face is very versatile and I use it frequently in text messages.
Kelsey Hanks, Public Relations Manager


My favorites are the fax machine and floppy disk. It seems ironic that these old school communication technologies maintain their spot as emojis on smart phones. Still, they are my preferred methods of communication – so, I use them in text messages, Microsoft Encarta reviews and faxes…
John Mackowiak, Senior Public Relations Manager

I wink and LOL a lot through text. I think it’s a great way to give emotion to what I’m saying and set the tone. I hope no takes me too seriously.
Monica D’Angelantonio, Studio Manager 

The ice cream cone emoji, because, well, my family’s ice cream shop of course!
Mary Bonomo, Assistant Art Director 

There’s just something about receiving the thumbs-up emoji that seems so actively supportive and confirming.
John Jiloty, Vice President | Social Media and Content 

The heart is so universal. It’s my way of saying bye to my friends and family when we end a conversation but also a way to be playful and say sorry for my occasional sarcasm.
Sarah Richheimer, Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator  


John Jiloty

is Senior Vice President of  Growth Channels and Content for The Martin Group. Learn more about our Social Media and Content Marketing expertise.

Follow John on Twitter @jjiloty

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