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This Summer in reView

September 4, 2019

Over the last several months, The Martin Group hosted eleven interns in our Buffalo office growing our team across several different departments. This group of young women spent the summer attending meetings, contributing to various projects, curating content, learning from various departments about their role in the agency and working on their own intern-specific project. The experience of working on their project was one that not only provided a realistic window into agency life, but provided an opportunity for each intern to implement and showcase all that she had learned from her mentors over the course of the summer.

On day one of their internship, the interns were introduced to their new “client” along with the expectations for the final presentation. As a group, they were tasked with hosting a discovery session with the client to better understand the company and their needs, drafting a brand brief that could be used to guide the overall campaign, and developing an integrated marketing plan for a brand awareness campaign. To begin, all eleven interns were introduced to their “client”, reStickity, via conference call during the discovery session. reStickity is the first online company focusing solely on restickable, custom fabric photos. Born out of a second successful battle with cancer, mother-daughter founders, Jodi and Emma Falk, aim to eventually provide children facing long-term hospitalized care with reStickitys for their hospital rooms.

With a baseline understanding of the brand, the interns continued to work through compiling a brand brief that ultimately guided the development of an integrated marketing plan. Along the way, they faced many of the same challenges workplace teams experience every day: balancing schedules, dividing up tasks, working through differences in opinion, and gathering all information into one cohesive presentation for the client. In the end, the presentation was extremely successful and both the client and the agency as a whole were impressed with the level of detail and professionalism put into the presentation. reStickity was able to walk away from the experience with information that could ultimately shape their next campaign while our interns were able to walk away having learned how to interact with a client in a professional setting all while working as one integrated team.

Thank you to reStickity for being a part of our summer 2019 internship program and allowing our interns the opportunity to grow professionally through a real client experience.  To learn more about reStickity and their story, and to purchase your reStickity, visit www.reStickity.com, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook, @reStickity. To apply for an internship opportunity at The Martin Group, click over to the “Careers” tab to submit for any open opportunity across our three offices.

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