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This is the cap of sparkling creative.

1 min read
February 27, 2015

New Era Cap wants to build awareness of their Diamond Era Collection in time for the new baseball season, so they’ve turned to The Martin Group. Featuring two key New Era technologies: COOLERA™ and SOLARERA™, which offer superior cooling and UV protection, respectively, Diamond Era caps are also lightweight, breathable and sweat wicking. These high performance caps are geared for professional level athletes, though the general public can certainly benefit from them. Collaborating closely with New Era, TMG’s creative highlights the caps’ “lighter than air” quality as the headwear shoots up dynamically on a burst of color. They also note how well the product supports the performance of top-level athletes. As we’ve done in the past, we developed a style guide to ensure the high New Era standard wherever the Diamond Era Collection is promoted.


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