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The Test of Time

August 30, 2019

It’s always humbling to pause and reflect on the past; that which came before us and those that stood the test of time. For The Martin Group, it was cause for celebration as we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of our home: 620 Main Street in the heart of Buffalo’s theatre district. 

Built in 1919 and designed by Esenwein & Johnson–the firm also responsible for the Calumet Building and Electric Tower–the neoclassical Roman-style building has changed hands, but little else, over the past century. 

After purchasing the building in 1984, local advertising agency Levy, King & White renovated the interior and restored the facade. As an homage to the incredible advertising history that took place within these walls, the building still bears the trailblazing agency’s moniker above the main entrance to this day. 

Following a $2.3M renovation in May of 2017, The Martin Group cut the ribbon on its new home.

Global architectural firm CannonDesign worked in lockstep with historic preservation consulting firm Preservation Studios on the massive project to ensure the original architectural integrity was maintained. The space spans three stories and over 18,000 square feet and balances a modern, sophisticated design with historical accents throughout the interior and exterior of the building. 

In tandem with the 100th Anniversary, The Martin Group offices were included in Doors Open Buffalo, an event granting free, public access inside some of downtown Buffalo’s most impressive and significant buildings. With its storied history combined with a progressive feel, 620 Main Street is the perfect reflection of The Martin Group: well-designed, well-crafted, and symbolic of the incredible resurgence our city has undergone.

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